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We are excited to have assisted doValue in Project Europe, a ground-breaking transaction for the Greek NPL market in times of unparalleled conditions which was completed on Friday, 5 June. Completion of the transaction resulted into doValue acquiring 80% of the share capital of Eurobank Financial Planning Services (FPS) and Eurobank’s Troubled Asset Group (“TAG”) being transferred to FPS. Eurobank and FPS also entered into a strategic14-year Service Level Agreement for the management by FPS of the bank’s NPEs and retail early arrears, including future stock.

Our Firm advised National Bank of Greece with regards to the disposal of a portfolio of c. 2,800 non-performing, predominantly secured, corporate loans with total principal amount of c. €1.6 billion to the Investment Firm Bain Capital Credit, a landmark transaction that reopened the Greek NPL market post Covid-19 and completed mostly during Covid-19 lockdown highlighting our Firm’s capability to deliver legal services of the highest standards even in unprecedented times. 

The Executive Committee Act 172/1/29.05.2020 of the Bank of Greece (BoG), with a view to encourage the development of flexible and technologically innovative service delivery models in the financial sector and to address the challenges that have arisen in the current circumstances of COVID-19 pandemic, introduced a regulatory framework aiming both to establish modern rules for secure digital customer identification and to mitigate remote access risks. Read more: KP_Digital_Customer_Onboarding_by_Banks_and_other_Entities.pdf

Having successfully contained the spread of the first wave of the virus by early imposition of a general lockdown, the Greek government is now commencing the effort to resume economic...

Karatzas & Partners prepared a Memorandum with regards to a law and practice analysis of e-signing in...

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