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In an effort to tackle potential risks in the RES sector, as a result of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece, a legislative act has been adopted, providing for the extension of regulatory deadlines, relating to

The COVID-19 pandemic may have severe implications on the performance of private agreements and transactions, since contracting parties may be impeded from complying with the obligations assumed in a contract before the pandemic or with specific terms agreed

In these challenging times we all try to do our part. Our firm and its partners are donating 3 respirators, 3 electrocardiograph machines, 2 defibrillators, 2 suction pumps and 25 pulse oximeters to the Greek National Healthcare System. The donation will cover the immediate needs of COVID-19 designated hospital, General Hospital Sotiria.

Following the publication of its statement on the application of the prudential framework regarding default, forbearance and IFRS9 in light of COVID-19

Similarly to the facilitation of the general meetings of shareholders or partners through teleconference, new paragraph 3 of article 33 of the Legal Act dated 20.03.2020 permits the adoption of resolutions by board of directors of private law legal entities through teleconference and by using any telecommunication means that can facilitate the participation for all or some of their members, as well as decisions adopted without a meeting taking place, where all members of the board of directors have signed the relevant decision.

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